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Secure Client Portal Services

Patients that opt for weekly counseling to engage in their Personal Inner Renovations Project (details here), participate in eCounseling as Self-Pay or verified insurance coverage for TeleMentalHealth services, or are meeting with me weekly for other counseling services will be able to register and have access to the Secure Client Portal.  

This allows for the additional services and online access to resources such as:

  • Online Journal accessible in between sessions so that you may keep track of your feelings and experiences to be addressed at your next session.

  • Ability to send secure messages via the Client Portal if general support is needed in between sessions.

    • Please Note: Online or text communication methods should NOT be used in cases of emergencies. You should contact 911 for emergencies that require immediate first-responder intervention. For manageable behavioral health crises, call Partners Behavioral Health 24/7 Crisis Hotline 1-888-235-HOPE (4673).

  • Request or Reschedule Appointments online and receive email reminders of upcoming sessions.

  • Receive Resources, Handouts and Homework from counselor via your portal, as well as send material to counselor in the same manner.

  • Complete Assessments, Treatment Consents, and Other Forms that are safely transferred and stored in your Electronic Records connected to your Secure Client Account.

Note: A part of our work together will include setting and honoring healthy boundaries. Clients that are unable to maintain healthy boundaries while accessing Portal Services (i.e. making multiple requests or seemingly being in crises that require daily intervention and support) may be referred for higher level of care services as your needs may exceed what can be supported via eCounseling, and/or it may be that you require more than what is offered in my 1-2 counseling sessions per week modality.

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