Fee Schedule

Counseling Services (office and/or eCounseling)

Initial Assessment, 2 hours, $200.00
Comprehensive Clinical Assessment for Mental Health & Substance Abuse

Individual Therapy, 60 minutes, $140.00
Includes CBT/DBT Skills Training and/or Therapeutic Yoga. 
Same hourly rate for Office, Video, Phone, Chat

Couples Therapy, 60 minutes, $160.00
Couple meets with counselor together, and recommended to have individual sessions.

Group Therapy, 60 minutes, $50.00
Clients benefit from weekly group along with weekly individual therapy

Insurance and Self-Pay

Insurance currently accepted is BlueCross and BlueShield of NC. The above rates are the standard reimbursement received from
insurance company for counseling services. If you are a Self-Pay client, please contact me to discuss options for sliding-scale based on your unique circumstances and/or financial need.

Clinical Supervision

Individual Supervision, 60 minutes, $50.00
Group Supervision, 2 hours, $75.00

Cultural Sensitivity & Diversity Training

There are no fees associated with providing Cultural Sensitivity Training. This is an important area to address in our communities.
Many struggle with recognizing and appreciating the subtle difference that greatly influence our interactions with one another.
Learning to address our own biases and identify hidden beliefs about others helps us to improve our personal and professional relationships.

Community Outreach: Treatment Options

There are no fees associated with providing information in public forums, organizations, and schools about the disease of addiction
and treatment options. Education on the dangers of prescription pain pill abuse and how to notice the need for treatment is a no-cost
service to anyone who is interested in learning more about how to move from addiction to recovery - or help someone you know.

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frequently asked questions

What type of therapy do you offer?

I work from a Cognitive-Behavioral framework with a specialization in Dialectical Behavior methods. This involves helping individuals develop skills to reduce stress and anxiety, manage strong emotions and symptoms
of depression, address disordered personalities and disordered eating, and coping skills to improve thoughts and feelings to ultimately improve behaviors.

This model helps people build a toolbox of skills and focuses on 4 main components: Distress Tolerance, Interpersonal Effectiveness, Mindfulness, and Emotion Regulation. Whether a person needs counseling, or is just
interested in coaching, this model helps anyone seeking to experience a better version of themselves.

How are services delivered?

I have a unique client base, with diverse needs, and various schedules - so I provide different modes of service delivery to meet your needs. You can combine Counseling & Therapeutic Yoga, or choose opt for one of those services. There are options for video eCounseling over secure web/mobile applications which you combine with traditional office sessions in my Lake Norman location. Therapy is tailored to fit your life in a safe, nonjudgmental,
therapeutic environment.

Why is counseling scheduled for late afternoon and evening hours?

I currently practice full-time at an agency from 8:00AM to 1:00PM. So private practice appointments (individual and group therapy) are typically set between the hours of 2:00PM to 7:00PM on weekdays. On certain occasions, weekend appointments may be arranged. This also applies to Clinical Supervision services. Many of my clients find my appointment hours very convenient because it allows them to complete their responsibilities during their work day and engage in self-care and therapy
during their personal time.

What is your cancellation policy?

If you are a no-show for your scheduled therapy session, and did not notify counselor at least 24 hours in advance, you may be invoiced for half the cost of your scheduled session. Unexpected and emergency situations are taken into consideration.

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